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Full Screen 4. Recording your Full PC Screen If you want to record everything that is visible on your computer screen, use the Full Screen option. Use it to make tutorials, product demonstrations, presentations, and more. To Make a Screen Recording of the Full PC Screen Click File >>Record >>Recording Options >>Full Screen. When you start recording, the application window minimizes. While the recording is in progress, the My Screen Recorder Pro icon in the Taskbar and windows Notification area flashes continuously as shown below: Add Audio Narration to your Screen Recording Multimedia presentations typically involve two factors: sight and hearing.

When the video and audio are synchronized in a presentation, the content is better understood. Add audio narration to your screen recordings to make presentations and tutorials more interesting. Use a microphone to add your own audio narration to demonstrate any application or website. To Select the Audio Recording Device You must setup a Microphone to record your narration with the video. Video Sword Art Episode 24 Subtitle Indonesia. Use Record Microphone Audio option and select the respective Microphone from the Audio Recording devices dropdown list. Make sure that the Microphone is enabled as your audio recording device. You can also include the sounds from the computer speakers.